Our rights,health,food and life at stake.

I will refuse to sit idle when a biochem company like Monsanto is on a rampage to own life. Monsanto owning food, plant, forests, animals is NOT the future I want to leave my children..or any children. We have done some horrific things to very thing that sustained us for thousands of years freely  regardless of race, gender, religion, sex. I feel I owe it to the food that has fed us so honestly and purely. 

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Your donation is greatly appreciated to help NoGMO4Michigan's mission, to educate the citizens of Michigan about GMOs.  Knowledge is power and NoGMO4Michigan wants to give the power back to the people of Michigan. Our citizens have the right to know what is in our food. Our organization strives to provide them with the education and with that knowledge, the power to choose what they eat.   We thank you for allowing us to continue our efforts.

Don't miss out on a great opportunity to support NoGMO4Michigan to help educate everyone in Michigan about GMOs and at the same time advertise your business as a sponsor of such a great cause.  Your donation will enable us to host the movie Genetic Roulette -- The Gamble of Our Lives by Jeffrey Smith or The Seeds of Death by Gary Null, PhD. and provide educational brochures and non-GMO popcorn for audiences.  Your gift will help to pay for room rental fees for events and meetings, printing costs of the educational literature, booths at conventions, transportation for speakers and other necessary expenses.  Perhaps your business can support us with in kind donations for some of our needs. Our staff consists of all volunteers that are working hard to provide a better Michigan.  Won't you help too?

You don't have to have a Paypal account to make a donation, credit cards are accepted even if you don't have a Paypal account.

If you would prefer to make your donation via check, please make it out to "No GMO 4 Michigan" and mail it to:

No GMO 4 Michigan
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Bear Lake, MI 49614

We appreciate your support!

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Absolutely wonderful letter!

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Peter, We are with you and NY all the way. Thank you greatly for getting involved! We plan on seeing this through to the end! Best!

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Pat. To imply we are TRYING TO DELIBERATELY avoid recommending organic foods is completely incorrect and rather upseting. There are several people here that completely volunteer, donate, and work very hard to educate the public about non-GMO.
Also go to the top of the home page. The second tab on from the left (‘Avoid GMO’) click on tab and the first thing that pops up on a new page is..‘Go organic’ This tab has been there since the inception of this site, and organization. At every showing of film, at every meeting, at every opportunity. We emphatically promote organic…

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