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Ever wanted to bake a lemon cake?


Are you a lemon lover? Ever wanted to bake a lemon cake? Then here it a simple recipe that can help you.
First, you have to prepare the ingredients of course.
Things to prepare: –
Butter – 250g
Cake flour – 250g
Eggs – weight the eggs so that it is 250g
Sugar – 200g
Vanilla Essence – 2-3 tablespoon, according to your preference.
Lemon – 3

Let’s bake!
1- Weigh all the ingredients to the needed measurement.
2- Once the ingredients are ready, place the butter into the bowl.
3- Then place the sugar into the bowl.
4- Once you have placed the butter and sugar into the bowl, whisk it up together.
5- After, add the flour into the mixture and mix it all together.
6- Once the butter, sugar and flour are at place, add the eggs. *break the eggs in a separate container before mixing it together with the mixture to avoid egg shells to be inside the cake. *
7- And then whisk all the ingredients together. While whisking add in the vanilla essence.
8- Then, take the lemons, cut it into half and squeeze out all the lemon juice and then add it to the batter. *remember to squeeze the lemon into a separate bowl first, so that you can take the seeds out. *
9- And mix it all up!

And that’s it!
Place the batter it in the tray, heat up the oven to about 200°C and place it into the oven.
Leave it in for about an hour.
But keep an eye on the cake time to time as you don’t want to burn it.
Once you feel that the cake is baked, slowly poke the center of the cake using a cake skewer to see if the cake is ready.

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